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  •  Users are responsible for the confidentiality of their account information.  - PSA Jewels has the right to suspend or terminate accounts with inaccurate information. 
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  1. Privacy: 
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  1. Disclaimer of Warranties and Liability: 
  •  Information on the website is for general purposes; PSA Jewels does not guarantee accuracy.  - PSA Jewels is not liable for any loss or damage arising from the use of the website. 
  1. Maximum Liability: 
  •  PSA Jewels's liability is limited to the maximum of the price paid by the user for the specific  transaction. 
  1. Phone Number Usage: 
  •  Users must provide a valid phone number. 
  • Consent is given for phone calls and/or SMS notifications regarding orders, shipments, deliveries,  and promotional updates. 
  1. Payments: 
  •  PSA Jewels is not responsible for any loss or damage due to unauthorized transactions, exceeding  limits, or payment issues. 
  •  Payment facility is a facilitator, not a financial service. PSA Jewels acts as a facilitator for online  transactions. 
  1. Binding Contract: 
  •  Initiating a transaction constitutes a legally binding contract. 
  •  Buyers must pay the transaction price using the Payment Facility. 
  1. Delivery Notification: 
  •  Buyers must electronically notify the Payment Facility of delivery or non-delivery within the  specified time. 
  • Non-notification within the specified time is construed as deemed delivery. 
  1. Safe and Secure Shopping: 
  • Online transactions on PSA Jewels are secure, processed through trusted payment gateways  managed by leading banks. 

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